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Welcome to Talk Loans

Having collectively worked in the personal loans industry for over 25 years, we thought it was time to return to the old fashioned approach of giving the customer the right loan for them. So we started Talk Loans.

We rely on the skills and experiences of people to help make decisions, not just computers. We understand that everyone has different expectations, and our approach means we can handle every application independently, the right way.

We work tirelessly to find the lender that offers the best deal for you and you don’t have to pay us a penny.

What does Talk Loans offer?

We are a broker, which means we can look at a wide range of loan products, going above and beyond what a single lender would be able to do for you. This approach allows us to help many different types of customers, whether you are looking for anything from a traditional personal loan to a bad credit loan or even a guarantor loan, we could have just what you have been looking for.

By talking to you on the phone, we can work out what you are looking for and find out which lenders are most likely to help. We won’t send your personal details all over the place and will work closely with you to complete your loan and get the money into your account.

Is Applying with Talk Loans Simple?

Our online application form only asks for some simple details, just enough for us to get in contact with you. Our UK based loan experts will then talk you through the full application process.

Once your application is complete, we will see which of our lenders can help and make sure you fully understand the different options available. After deciding which loan to go with the lender will take over and finalise your application.

Just remember we will never charge you any upfront fees and if you don’t get your loan, we don’t get paid.

Fully FCA Regulated

We are fully regulated by the FCA. Lot’s of companies in the market have not been checked out at all. With Talk Loans you can rest easy that we keep your details safe, do not sell your information to scam companies, do not charge you a fee, and will always put the customer first.