If you haven’t already done so, booking a summer holiday is likely to be at the top of your priority list as we roll into Spring.

Several studies have shown that taking a short vacation can have profound effects on cortisol levels. With work-related stress becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society, many companies are urging their employees to take a holiday to help reduce stress levels.

The problem is, holidays are not cheap, especially if you have children. The last thing you want to do is add financial worries to your list of stressors.

Fortunately, there are loads of ways you can reduce the cost the overall costs of your summer holiday. One of the most effective methods is choosing a cheap destination, as this will ultimately make up the largest portion of the overall cost.

Below is 5 of the most affordable holiday destination for summer 2018.

1. Turkey

Turkey is a destination that has grown greatly in popularity over the last decade, not least because of the weather in the summer months. In July you’ll be hard pressed to find a day where temperatures drop below 30 degrees.

Turkey has several beautiful destinations to choose from. Antalya and Dalaman are excellent for sun-seekers, whereas Istanbul and Izmir are perfect for sightseeing with their host of exquisite monuments, mosques and museums.

Not only is accommodation incredibly well-priced in Turkey, but excursions, food and public transport tends to be very affordable too. Even at peak times, you’ll be able to find flights from as little as £110pp for adults.



2. Mallorca

Unlike Turkey, Mallorca has been one of the most popular destinations for UK holiday-makers for decades now, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s beautiful beaches, upbeat nightlife, cool bars and plentiful excursions make it the perfect destination for the masses.

For those looking for a relaxed family or couples getaway, Cala D’or would be perfect. For the sightseeing enthusiasts you’ve got Palma, and for nightlife there’s Magaluf and its super club, BCM.

Cheap accommodation is not hard to come by, regardless of the resort you choose. Going all-inclusive is also an excellent way to save on food and drinks and many hotels will have abundant entertainment schedules to keep you and the family amused.

With flights from London taking less than 2.5 hours, it makes it an excellent destination for those with young ones or inexperienced flyers.


3. Croatia

Despite the recent increase in demand for Croatian destinations Dubrovnik and Split, this hotspot still offers excellent value for money.

Formerly a well-kept secret, the beautiful beaches and breath-taking scenery of Croatia have been thrust into the limelight on HBO’s popular show Game of Thrones. Many experts predict that Croatia will continue to grow in popularity exponentially forcing prices to rise. So, if you are keen to take advantage of current great prices, now is an excellent time to do so.

Did we mention that daytime temperatures regularly exceed 30 degrees in the summer months?


4. Bulgaria

Despite it’s relatively recent rise in popularity, 18 UK airports now fly to Sunny Beach meaning it’s accessible to almost everyone, regardless of airport proximity.

It’s no secret that the reputation of Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach was tainted by the various nightlife documentaries that circled UK televisions a few years ago. Despite this, Bulgaria is not all loud music, nightclubs and alcoholic fishbowls, it offers a great range of excursions and accommodation for everyone.

Nessebar is one of the oldest towns in Europe and offers an excellent touristic experience. The remarkable Roman tombs and medieval monastery of Pomorie are also well worth a visit.

Beer prices in Bulgaria are also amongst the cheapest in Europe, so if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with a few drinks (or an alcohol fuelled stag or hen do), Sunny beach is an excellent option.


5. Morocco

If you’re looking for an affordable destination outside Europe, then look no further than Morocco. Often referred to as “The Gateway to Africa”, Morocco is home to a plethora of epic mountain ranges, golden deserts and ancient cities.

Popular resorts include Marrakesh, Fes, Casablanca and Tangier, however it may be worth searching further ashore to find the best deals. Agadir is a city based in mid-southern Morocco boasting a huge variety of affordable accommodation options. It is also not short of excursions, such as Majorelle Garden; a home of exotic plants and fountains and Bahia Palace; an ornate 19th century palace complex.Beautiful Morocco Scene 2018 Bargain Holidays

July is the hottest month where temperatures regularly exceed 30 degrees during the day. Even during winter months, it is not uncommon to see temperatures in the late teens and early twenty degrees Celsius.

These are just five of the more affordable holiday destinations available in 2018. If you’re in the market for a summer holiday, but haven’t decided on a destination, we hope this blog post helps. We also recommend using comparison sites to find the cheapest deals on flights and accommodation.