The welcome spell of warm weather that has finally blessed the UK over the past few days has given many of us hope that spring may have finally sprung!

Spring means different things to different people. For some it’s a chance to finally get tto work on their garden, for others it means the arduous task of spring cleaning.

Whilst spring cleaning can be some-what time consuming, it does provide an excellent opportunity to make some extra cash off your unwanted goods. Cash that could go towards that summer holiday that you’ve been wanting to book!

But where’s the best place to sell all of your unwanted goods? Historically you might head to the local car boot sale, but the introduction of the internet has brought with it a plethora of online auctions and sale sites.

In this guide, we’re going to discuss some of the top places to flog your unwanted items this spring.


1.      Depop

Sell Your Unwanted Goods

If you’ve got any good quality clothing, then Depop is an excellent place to sell them. It’s a mobile app-based service that allows you to post or browse items of clothing, shoes or accessories.

Similar to social media sites like Instagram, users are able to follow each other. Once you follow someone their activity is published on your timeline.

Once a place to simply flog unwanted items from your wardrobe, Depop has now seen users generate huge followings, allowing them to launch successful businesses re-selling goods.

As we mentioned, Depop is generally best suited to designer or high-quality clothing that is in good condition. If you’re holding on to any vintage garments, you may also be surprised just how much they could fetch on here.

Setting up an account is free, and the only fee charged is a 10% fee on the total transaction amount of a sale.


2.      Ebay

ebay sell unwanted goods

This guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning eBay. This online auction giant is one of the most visited sites in the world – making it an excellent place to get eyes on your unwanted goods.

The chances are, for everyone selling something there’s multiple users looking to buy that very item. As a result, the price you can fetch on eBay is often higher than most other services.

There is an art to getting the most out of your listed items. Taking good quality photos is a must. Taking the time to write a detailed description is also a good idea. Then there’s shipping, setting it too high will put bidders off, but setting it too low could put you at risk of being out of pocket when it comes time to post your goods.


3.      Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is the 2nd most visited site in the UK, with only Google getting more daily visits. Once a social network that allowed users to simply connect and chat with one another, Facebook has since launched a number of additional services, including its Marketplace.

Facebook’s marketplace was created following a surge of user-created groups where individuals would post statuses advertising their unwanted items. Often these groups would be named something like “Free or for sale in and around Norwich”.

Facebook Marketplace works similarly to the old-school free classified sites. Users are presented with items that have been listed within a certain radius of their geographic location.

Facebook’s main advantage over its competitors is the fact that it’s fee-free. The downside is that the price you’ll fetch on the marketplace is usually inferior to online auctions like eBay.

In general, we’d recommend utilising Facebook for bulkier items such as items of furniture or large electricals that would otherwise be tough or expensive to ship.

Smaller items like clothing, DVDs or games are better suited to eBay or Depop.