Nowadays we live in a world of convenience. A world full of meal deals, takeaway coffees and instant movie streaming. As humans, we rarely have to think for ourselves, we just have to make sure that if we’re leaving the house, we’ve got our wallet, keys and phone and the rest will look after itself.

But is this life full of convenience forcing us to live beyond our means? What would happen to our finances if we were to cut back on some of these lifestyle items? Throughout this article we’re going to discuss how small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference to your personal finances.

The morning coffee

Lets be honest, it sometimes feels like we wouldn’t make it through the day if it wasn’t for our skinny latte or Grande americano. However, at £2.50 a day many of us question whether this early caffeine fix is really worth it. It’s not until you add it up that you start to realise just how much it’s costing you.

If you buy a £2.50 coffee every working morning (5 days per week minus 20 days holiday), you’re looking at a total cost of £600 a year! That’s the same as a return flight to Barbados!

The Meal Deal

Why buy a loaf of bread and some sandwich fillers when you can nip to the local supermarket and get a meal deal for lunch? After all it’s only £3 a day.

Unfortunately though, that £3 meal deal is costing you £720 a year! You’d take that if someone gave it to you at the end of the year – and probably spend it on a shiny new 50 inch curved TV too!

The 5-a-day habit (clue; not fruit and veg)

You’ve done a great job of reducing your smoking down from 10 a day to just 5, but you still find yourself going to the shop every 4 days buying your next pack. You’re so close to quitting and yet you’re still spending £720 a year on cigarettes!

You’ve always thought of kicking the habit and taking up cycling? Well, now you can buy that lightweight, aluminium road bike you’ve been eyeing up.

The weekend takeaway

Weekends are a time for relaxing and unwinding from the stresses of everyday life. There’s no way you’re going to cook for yourself, just get a pizza instead. So £11.99 later and you’re fuller than a centipedes sock draw.

But what about if you were to go round your parents at the weekend – they’d love to see you and I’m sure it would save you some cash. £623.48 per year to be precise, so not only can you afford to go and see your parents more often, but you can visit your cousins in Spain for a week, with spending money!


Ok, so this article has been a little more tongue-in-cheek than usual but hopefully you can see how much you could save just by being a bit more proactive.

So instead of buying going to your local coffee shop, buy some strong ground coffee, a Cafetiere and a large travel mug and make your morning coffee in the comfort of your own home. Make your own sandwiches and buy multipack snacks. Use weekends to see family rather than getting a takeaway and finally quit that habit you’ve been relying on for too long!

Convenience comes at a price – make sure it’s not negatively affecting your personal finances.