With Valentine’s day just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about buying your loved one a last minute token of your appreciation.

But with many still feeling the financial effects of the festive period, budgets are stretched. This doesn’t mean to say you should write-off a Valentine’s gift. In-fact, some of the most thoughtful gifts can be done with very little cash.

So, if you are thinking of buying your loved one a last-minute gift, here’s a handful of budget ideas for him or her.

Present ideas for him

Novelty gifts are a winner if you’re on a tight budget – especially if there’s a running joke on your relationship that you can relate the gift to.

For example, if you regularly joke about who does all the cleaning then you could purchase him some dust mop slippers at just £4.99 a pair!

If you find yourself making all the hot drinks then a novelty mug or ‘ring for tea’ desk bell at £2.99 is sure to get a giggle.

If you’re looking for something a bit more sentimental then a personalised whiskey glass or slate cheese board  should hit the spot.

If your boyfriend/husband has a particular interest or passion, then you could use this to your advantage when buying him a gift. For example, if he’s a avid golfer then consider this novelty golf stationary set.

Perhaps he’s more of a motor-head? Check out this motorbike pizza cutter at just £6.99.

Present ideas for her

Traditional gift ideas still have their place in 2017. A single red rose or box of chocolates are sure to go down well.

You could even put a modern twist on these traditional ideas. Perhaps you could go for a single black rose in a beautiful presentation box or a personalised jar of Nutella.

If you’re looking for a gift with sentimental value, then consider filling a photo frame with her favourite photos of the two of you. Something cute like a personalised teddy bear is also a sure-fire winner!

Novelty gifts are also becoming hugely popular thanks to their cheap price tag and comedic value.  Using a quick Google search you’ll find hundreds of great ideas!

Some of our favourites include this pug eye mask at £3.99, this meerkat mug at £5.99 and finally this bubble bath machine at just £11.99.

Believe it or not, you could even visit a winery and get a full tour with tasting for two for just £17. Don’t forget to brush up your wine knowledge before-hand so you can really show off!


Remember, it’s the thought that counts. More often than not a cheap gift that you’ve put plenty of thought into will get a better reaction than a generic gift that cost lots of money.

So don’t let your tight budget get in the way of buying your loved one a token of your appreciation.

But hurry, you haven’t got long!