Us Brit’s aren’t exactly known for our ability to haggle. In fact, there are many of us who’d rather just pay the full price than get into a negotiation with a salesperson!

Maybe it’s because we consider it to be impolite, maybe it’s because we see the ticket price as the final price.

Sure, cutting prices means cutting profits which no company is keen to do. However, missing out on a sale generates zero profit which many companies will be even less keen to do.

What’s the worst that can happen? You ask for a discount and they say no. Providing you do it in an unaggressive way, you’re harming no one.

Some retailers will be much more receptive to haggling than others. Back in May 2016, Money Saving Expert polled 1,400 people to find out which shops they had the most success haggling with. In this article we’re going to discuss five of the top high street shops to haggle in.

1. Carphone Warehouse

Are you due for an upgrade on your smartphone? It may be worth looking further than the online comparison sites. According to the research by Money Saving Expert, 77% of people successfully negotiated a discount at Carphone Warehouse.

The great thing about getting a discount on your mobile phone bill is that even a small discount can go a long way. For example, if you’re purchasing a 24-month contract and you negotiate a £5/month discount, you’ll save a total of £120 over the course of the contract.

If you can’t get money off, try to negotiate add-ons. This can be an extra GB of data, more texts, minutes or even a protective case for the phone.

2. Currys/ PC World

An impressive 59% of people reported to successfully negotiation a better deal at Currys/PC World. So,
if you’re in the market for a new laptop, TV or washing machine try heading down to your local Currys PC World.

Often you’ll have more success when negotiating end-of-line stock as they’ll be in lower demand. Trying to negotiate on the most sort-after laptop on the market may result in failure as retailers will have no reason to give it away any cheaper.

If you’re unable to get a physical discount, try getting them throw in an extra years warranty, product care or additional hardware/software.

3. Homebase

A massive 68% of those polled successfully haggled a better deal at Homebase. Homebase offer a huge range of products for your home and garden, so make sure you give them a try before spending money any renovations.

If you’re planning on making significant renovations to your home involving multiple products, then this is a perfect opportunity to negotiate a better deal. Showing interest in spending large amounts on a single retailer will make any salesperson’s eyes light up! Take advantage of this and get yourself a discount!

4. John Lewis

Perhaps rather surprisingly, 72% of those polled successfully negotiated a discount at John Lewis. John Lewis feature a ‘never knowingly undersold’ price promise, which is essentially just an invitation for you to haggle. So, before you go to make an instore purchase, carry out a quick price comparison. If you find a high-street retailer offering the product cheaper, use this to get yourself a better deal.

John Lewis’ product range is extremely diverse, and is frequently being refreshed with the most up-to-date products. Look out for items that seem to be the last in-store – these are doing nothing more than taking up display space and will most-likely end up going to an outlet store somewhere if unsold. If they can sell you the product, this will save on the admin and transport of getting it to their nearest outlet store – if that’s not good enough reason to give you a discount, I don’t know what is!

5. TK Maxx

TK Maxx are one of the UKs largest discount department stores. They specialise in retailing end-of-line products at discounted prices. Most of the stock you’ll see in TK Maxx has been discontinued by the manufacturers meaning the demand for it is unlikely to be that high.

When looking to negotiate discounts on clothing, the first thing to look for is marks or missing buttons. However you don’t have to find faults to get a discount, many sales assistants will have been told to give you a 10% discount just for asking!


These are just a handful of the larger retailers that are receptive to offering discounts on products. Smaller retailers will often be just as receptive, especially if you’re a repeat customer.

So, pluck up the audacity, be polite and ask for a discount on your next purchase – let us know your success stories in the comments section below!