On this blog, we often talk about how you could save cash by reducing the amount you’re spending on nights out. And it’s true, partying and saving money simply do not go hand-in-hand.

What we don’t recommend is completely sacrificing your social life. Whilst it may save you a few pounds, it’ll probably leave you feeling down and lacking in social interaction.

In many ways, we feel it’s important to let your hair down and enjoy a night out every so often.

However, nights out can be a slippery slope where your finances are concerned. Multiple ATM trips can leave a hefty hole in your wallet. Whilst using your credit or debit card in pubs or clubs can make it even tougher to track spending.

To help, we’ve created five practical tips to save money on your night out.

1. Drink before going out

Sometimes referred to as pre-drinks, drinking before a night out is a great way to save cash. The theory being, if you have a few drinks before going out you won’t need to drink as much when you go out.

Pubs, bars and clubs put huge markups on drinks, especially on shots and spirits. If there’s a handful of you, simply put fivers in and buy a few bottles and mixers from the supermarket.

Of course, the success of this hinges on your ability to avoid buying drinks once you get out!

Save while Drinking

2. Have a good meal before you start drinking

There are several good reasons to have a solid meal before heading out. Firstly, and most obviously, it’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach!

But more than that, it can help to avoid that post night-out kebab visit. After drinking alcohol, we often find ourselves craving carbs or greasy foods.

So, whilst you may go in with the intention of spending a few pounds on chips, you suddenly find yourself with a take-away for four and £15 worse-off!

Eating a good meal beforehand can help curb those cravings and save you cash.

3. Prepare food for when you get back in

We realise that eating a big meal before going out isn’t for everyone.

Rather than setting off the fire alarm cooking a pizza at 3am, make sure you’ve got some food prepared for when you get back in.

Cold pizza, sandwiches or toast are all great post-night out snacks. Make sure you’ve got a large bottle of water in the fridge too – you’ll thank yourself in the morning!

4. Plan your night in advance

Being spontaneous can be fun, but it can also be expensive too.

Failing to plan your night out will most likely leave you in lengthy club queues paying extortionate entry fees.

Getting yourself on a Facebook guest list will often entitle you to cheaper entry fees and queue jumping, especially if you get to the club before a certain time (often 11pm).

5. Set yourself a budget and stick to it

As I mentioned above, taking several trips to the ATM is the main reason people end up overspending on nights-out.

There is a simply way around this though. Set yourself a budget in advance and then withdraw that amount of cash before you head out.

Then, put the cash in your wallet and leave all credit and debit cards at home. That way, once you’ve spent out you’ve got no choice but to call it a night or sponge off your mates!


Going on the occasional night out is a great way to ease the stresses of everyday working life.

So, rather than cutting them out altogether simply plan them into your budget and apply these practical tips.

Have you got any night out money saving tips? Let us know in the comments section below.