Comparison Table

A comparison table is a simple way to compare products and are ever increasing in popularity thanks to large websites like MoneySupermarket and GoCompare. The table will list key points of each loan product allowing the customer make a more informed decision.

Examples of key data on a comparison table:

  • APR
  • Monthly repayment
  • Lender name
  • Product type
  • Chance of acceptance
  • Speed of payout
  • Key product points
  • Whether a guarantor is required

If you want to compare guarantor loans we have our own comparison table available here.

Comparison Tables with Soft Credit Search

The next stage in the development of the comparison table was to run a soft credit seacrh before showing the available options. This allows customers to get an additional idea of how likely they are to be accepted by the lender. Different websites deal with this differently, perhaps as a % chance of approval (as seen on MoneySupermarket) or a number out of five or ten.

Please note that while this is an extremely helpful piece of data it should not be taken at face value as they are often misleading – a 10% chance of approval for a fantastic interest rate is still worth applying for over a 90% chance of approval for a higher rate.

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