County Court Judgment

A county court judgment (judgement?) is applied to your credit report if you are taken to the County Court by a debtor and the court does judges in the debtors favour. This can happen if you are refusing to pay, or ignoring, outstanding debt. If you owe money to someone they can take your to court to get the money back.

The Court will make a decision on whether you have to pay the money and if they decide this, a CCJ is issued against you. The CCJ will also outline how the debt must be repaid.

County Court Judgment

Taken to County Court?

If you are taken to County Court, do not ignore it, if you act quickly you can avoid a CCJ on your record. You will receieve a CCJ Claim Form and an Admission Form. By returning the admission form you are putting your side of the story across and have the opportunity to get a judgment in your favour, or at least slow down proceedings while you get some money together to pay off the outstanding debt.

  • In your admission form you can include details of:
  • How you would like to pay in full before the court hearing.
  • Set out a payment plan (in this instance a CCJ will be issued)
  • Dispute the claim – this is your chance to dispute the amount the debtor is claiming if you feel it is unjust or unfair.

Getting a County Court Judgment

If you end up being issued with a CCJ you have a number of options. One is to ignore it, however your debtor may send bailiffs to take payment (or your property) to pay off the debt. Another is to pay it off within 14 days, if you do this the CCJ will never make it to your credit record! Alternatively you can work to settle the debt over instalments, once the CCJ is paid off it will show as settled on your crdit record which will be a boost to your credit score (althought not as big as you would think).

After 6 months of the ruling, whether a CCJ is still outstanding or settled, it will drop off your credit history.

CCJ County Court Judgement
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