Credit File

Your credit file is an accurate record of any credit, bank accounts and certain services you have taken out over the last 6 or so years, and your behaviour on each account.

credit file

What shows on your Credit File

A large amount of accounts wil likely show on your credit file, and more are being added every year as utility companies and phone companies are starting to report on them. Here are the accounts you will likely see on your credit file:

Credit Cards


Short Term Loans

Finance (Car/Household)

Bank Accounts (including Overdrafts)

Utility Accounts (Water/Gas/Electric)

Mobile Phone Contracts

How to Check Your Credit History

A couple of years ago you would need to pay a monthly fee to monitor your credit file. Luckily now all of the big 3, Equifax, Experian and Call Credit, are available for free. You don’t get any flashy features, but if all you want to do is check your credit file this is the perfect way.

Noddle (Call Credit)

Noddle gives you access to a monthly credit score and credit report with data provided from Callcredit.

ClearScore (Equifax)

ClearScore gives you access to a monthly credit score and credit report with data provided from Equifax.


MoneySavingExpert Credit Club (Experian)

Credit Club is the new kid on the block but a very good way of seeing your Experian credit score and credit file.

credit club

What if my Credit File is wrong?

If you notice any incorrect information on your credit file you should take action immediately as this may have a long term effect on your ability to access finance and other services.

Your best bet is to contact the account provider directly and discuss this with them. They will be able to provide you full details of any incorrect information and let you know what they can do.

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