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Guarantor Loans

Our approach is simple. By completing a straight forward Guarantor Loans application form, you will be able to borrow an amount from as little as £500, to as much as £10,000. You will not be expected to pay this back straight away as these loans can be stretched over 12 to 60 months. This allows your loan to be individually tailored to you.

Scared of the upfront cost? There isn’t one! We will not charge you a single penny to apply with us, and gain access to our personalised loans, using a widespread range of guarantor lenders.

By choosing our team here at Talk Loans, your chances of approval are much greater than if you apply directly to a lender. We operate under full transparency, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, (FCA). Not only this, but your details are safe us. We will not share them, or sell them to any third parties. You deal with only us directly.

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Getting Your Guarantor Loans

Are you unsure where to turn for help? We understand that for many, it isn’t as simple as asking family or close friends for money. What happens when you need too big a favour? There is an alternative; a way they can help without providing physical cash directly to you. The answer is Guarantor Loans.

By asking for support from your family or friends as a guarantor, as oppose for the money directly, even if you approach us with a bad credit score, you have a better chance for a loan with us. This allows large amounts to be borrowed if they are needed, even if in the past you have had loan applications rejected. By borrowing with the backing of a guarantor, not only will you receive the money you need, but your credit history will also be boosted.

This means, despite a credit score that is not ideal, you are still able to pay off any pressing debts, or buy that new car that you need. A lot of our customers come to us needing help with the mess of a previous payday loan; including the added interest that has quickly become out of control. By choosing a loan with us, you again can take control of your payments in a sensible way, and get rid of the ridiculous interest rates that have you worrying about your money.

Simple Guarantor Loans

Here at Talk Loans, we understand the importance of simplicity – making sure you understand the process at every stage. Things are kept simple: here are some examples:

  • Before you even apply for a loan, our transparency means you can clearly get an idea of how much your monthly repayments and APR will be;
  • You will have access to our 100% application online;
  • On the same day as applying for one of our loans, you could see the money paid into your bank account;
  • You will know for certain the amount that you are expected to pay from one month to the next;
  • Your application will be treated on a personal and individual level – respecting your exact needs.

Our focus is simple. We will treat you fairly and devote the amount of attention needed to your application. The experience you will receive from us will not be beaten, in terms of the service we provide for you and your overall satisfaction at the process itself. Talk Loans will show you how simple the route of getting the right loan is for you really is.

As a company, we believe you should always be in the know. The transparency of our application process and the simple way the loans available are explained to you, means you are always able to trust us. Not only this, but that your guarantor’s approval will also be able to be processed faster. We pride ourselves on our honesty, and you can feel assured that you will not be charged any fees for the application process. Even after applying, you will be under no pressure to proceed. So what is stopping you? If you need a loan and want to see what Talk Loans can offer you, take advantage of our easy to use loan calculator and start the journey to your guarantor loans today!

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Guarantor Loans
What is a Guarantor Loan?

This particular type of lending is tailored to those who struggle to secure money using the usual methods of borrowing available. It’s an unsecured loan, allowing the support of family or close friends to be part of the application. With their help, you will find many more options are now open to you, allowing you to stretch out you loan over a longer period of time. This offers you an increasingly flexible payback plan that a payday loan simply couldn’t offer you.

What if I have Bad Credit?

Are you panicked that perhaps your credit past means you are at risk of being denied the type of loan you need? With guarantor loans, your application will still be read. What your guarantor provides is added comfort to a lender, that means anyone can be considered. There are exceptions of course, and these include bankruptcy, IVA and involvement in debt management.

Why do I need a Guarantor?

It is very easy to find yourself in a situation where you could be potentially denied a reasonable rate when applying for credit – the occasional payment that you missed could really catch up to you. What having the backing of a guarantor means for an applicant, is that you are able to have access to larger amounts of money, for example £10,000, for those who do not have the perfect credit score. Not only this, but the rates will not rip you off, as some of the other available loans are likely to do.

Who Can Be My Guarantor?

You have many options when considering who to ask to be a guarantor for your loan. Anyone is eligible to be your guarantor, with a few exceptions. For example, your partner would not be able to be one, as they are financially connected to your situation. This is true of anyone that is linked to your bank balance. Other criteria include a guarantor owning their own property, and being between the ages of 21 and 75, whilst also having a good credit history themselves. The most popular choices include close friends and of course parents.

How Long Will It Take?

After your application process is complete, we will make it our priority to try and get the credit to you on the same day. We believe communicating with you is key, and we will speak with both you, and your guarantor before your loan is finalised, making sure that all parties are satisfied to and ready to proceed. After this has been confirmed, we will pay the amount being borrowed into your guarantor’s bank account, using the ‘faster payment’ process.

Do You Charge a Fee?

Honestly, and simply no. Here at Talk Loans, we realise that many other companies, or other varieties of loan will charge you at various different stages throughout a long and lengthy process. We do not believe this is fair for our customers. This is why we decided not to charge any fees at any stage of the application process. Not only this, but we do not even affiliate ourselves with brokers that charge these unreasonable fees to their customers.

How Do I Make Payments?

Once all parties are happy and the loan application has been completed, we will organise the money to be taken monthly via direct debit, on a date near the end of the month that is best for you. We chose this method because it is the best way to take away the risk of you falling behind on payments due to simply forgetting. It is important to remember that our interest rates are fixed, so the amount each month will remain constant.

Can I Make Extra Payments?

The flexibility of our loans means that you are able to pay off any additional money from your loan at any time. Interest is charged daily on our loans. If you do repay an amount which is more than three times what you are usually required to pay on a monthly basis, we will then make a charge equivalent to your monthly interest rate onto the amount that is due to be repaid. If you pay back your loan early, we will charge you an amount which is approximately equal to one month’s interest onto the balance of the loan at that time.

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