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Representative Example: Borrow £4,000 and pay back your loan over 36 months. Monthly payments of £194.78.
Total amount repayable is £7,012.08. Interest payable is £3,012.08. APR of 49.7%. Interest rate of 41%. Fixed rate.

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You may need bad credit guarantor loans for many reason. This type of loan is a good option if you have been turned down before by a lender looking for a better credit score. As long as you can afford the repayments and have a suitable guarantor there is no reason we won’t be able to get you the money you need.

You may have a bad credit history for many reasons including missed payments on your mobile phone, utility bills or credit cards in the last couple of years; defaults on payments (usually a missed payment that isn’t repayed within 3 months); a County Court Judgment (if you have been taken to court for outstanding debt); no credit history; not on the electoral register; and many more.

Don’t resort to payday loans or 99% APRs through some unsecured lenders. Borrow at an affordable rate with a bad credit guarantor loan. Get started today by using our loan calculator to find a suitable repayment amount.

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Getting Guarantor Loans With Bad Credit

Guarantor loans were designed as a way for those with bad credit to get a reasonable rate (in the grand scheme of things) on a personal loan. By providing a guarantor, the lender is able to overlook missed payments, defaults, County Court Judgments and even in some cases a recent discharge from bankruptcy or an IVA.

The guarantor is basically saying to the lender “I trust this person.” In fact they are saying “I trust them so much, and I am so sure they will make all the repayments, that if they don’t I will happily step in and make the repayment on their behalf.” As long as the lender is happy the guarantor can afford the repayments, and are likely to make them (based on their previous credit performance) then the borrowers credit history will be ignored to an extent.

How Poor Can My Credit Score Be?

As mentioned previously, these types of poor credit are generally OK:

  • Defaults
  • County Court Judgments
  • Missed Payments

Although if you have had any of these witin the last month you may want to wait a month or so before applying to maximise your chances with all of the lenders. If you are in a rush then don’t worry, some won’t mind if you apply today. We even have options if you are in a debt management plan.

There are some things on your credit history that will make you inelligable for a guarantor loan and those are the following:

  • Currently in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • Currently Bankrupt

Let’s explore these in greater detail.

Bad Credit Guarantor Loans

Bad Credit Guarantor Loans – In An IVA

An IVA is like a state-backed debt management plan in which your interest is frozen, and you agree to make regular payments on your debts over a set period of time. Once you come to the end of this period any remaining debt is written off. In order to enter an IVA your insolvency practitioner will contact all of your creditors, if 75% or more of them agree to the IVA then all of your debts (including the debts held by those who did not want you to go into an IVA) are put into the plan.

You should only go in an IVA as a last resort.

If you are in an IVA, you are generally not allowed to take out any type of credit. Although “officially” you are able to borrow up to £500, none of the guarantor lenders we work with will be able to help. If you want to borrow more than £500 you need to get the permission from your insolvency practitioner. Again, although you may go through this process and get permission, we do not work with any lenders (that we are aware) will help in this situation.

Your best bet is to ride out your IVA and not borrow any money until you are out of your IVA and in a stable position. If you have just come out of an IVA, a bad credit guarantor loan could be a great option.

Bad Credit Guarantor Loans – Currently Bankrupt

Bankruptcy is a way to write off all of your unsecured debts when you have no way to pay them. If you enter bankruptcy then things like your car or house could be sold in order to raise some funds to pay off outstanding debts. Because of this it is only worth going bankrupt if the value of your assets are worth less than the debt.

From the above you can probably understand why lenders would not be keen to lend to someone who is going through bankruptcy, as they have basically raised their hands and said “I can’t afford to repay my debts”. However, while a bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 6 years, once you have been discharged from bankruptcy (which happens after 12 months) we may have some options for you.

Poor Credit Guarantor Loans

So if you have bad credit, but aren’t bankrupt or in an IVA, we have some loan options for you as long as you can provide a suitable guarantor. Make an application with us today from our guarantor loans page or give us a call.



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Guarantor Loans Representative Example: Borrow £4,000 over 36 months. Monthly repayment of £194.78. Total repayable is £7012.08. Interest payable is £3012.08. Fixed APR of 49.7%. Interest rate of 41%. Representative APR 49.7% (fixed).

Personal Loans Representative Example: Borrow £300 over 6 months. Monthly repayment of £92.43. Total repayable is £554.58. Interest payable is £254.58. Fixed APR of 883.6%. Interest rate of 169.7%. Representative APR 883.6% (fixed).

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