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Representative Example: Borrow £4,000 and pay back your loan over 36 months. Monthly payments of £194.78.
Total amount repayable is £7,012.08. Interest payable is £3,012.08. APR of 49.7%. Interest rate of 41%. Fixed rate.

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We are not curently aware of any guarantor loans online that can be completed 100% online. Even in the most optimised situations a phone call with the guarantor will ne necessary to ensure they understand their responsibility. This should not be seen as a hurdle, but a great way to ensure you are borrowing responsibly.

If you are dead set on a low touch application process, once you have made your application reply to one of the text messages or emails we send you and let us know. We will then see what we can do to keep any additional contact minimal. Although, as mentioned, there will always be a phone call involved at some point.

Are you looking for Guarantor Loans Online (an old trading style of UK Credit)? If so unfortunately that brand no longer exists and was merged into the UK Credit brand back in 2014. If you have a loan out through Guarantor Loans Online we will be happy to look at your options and see if we can either help you with a further advance (a loan top-up) or a brand new guarantor loan.

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When you are searching for a guarantor loan you may decide you want to do it online. In the past you would have had to download, print out and sign your loan documents – or in some cases even wait until they have been sent out to you. Once your documents were signed you would need to send you application back in the post along with any required supporting documents. Hopefully you wouldn’t make any mistakes as if you did, you would have to repeat the whole process!

This method of getting your guarantor loan is may seem very old fashioned, but as recently as 2013 this would be a popular method of applying for your guarantor loan. Luckily things have progressed and you are now able to complete your loan application online. The only thing that will take you offline is a phone call with us and the lender in order to make sure you and your  guarantor understand the agreement you are entering.

Before Online Guarantor Loans

I recently found an old video showing what it was like to download, print off and sign your loan documents.

Luckily you can now complete all of this online through an e-signature. This is either done upfront in the application, or just before the loan is paid out. If you make a mistake when filling in details, no problem just speak to us or the lender and your application can be amended. Need to re-sign your loan documents? They can be re-issued over email instead of post. This will save you a lot of time if you are looking to get your guarantor loan quickly.

Guarantor Loans Online – The Lender Brand

Guarantor Loans Online is an old trading style of UK Credit which is now sadly defunct. If you previously had a loan with Guarantor Loans Online and are looking for another one, we are happy to help. If you have an existing loan out with them and are looking for a top-up then you should either speak to them directly, or apply through us and we will try and find you a better deal.

Looking for more information on online guarantor loans? Make an application with us on our guarantor loans page or call us during working hours on 01603 391104.

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Guarantor Loans Representative Example: Borrow £4,000 over 36 months. Monthly repayment of £194.78. Total repayable is £7012.08. Interest payable is £3012.08. Fixed APR of 49.7%. Interest rate of 41%. Representative APR 49.7% (fixed).

Personal Loans Representative Example: Borrow £300 over 6 months. Monthly repayment of £92.43. Total repayable is £554.58. Interest payable is £254.58. Fixed APR of 883.6%. Interest rate of 169.7%. Representative APR 883.6% (fixed).

Talk Loans is a Broker, not a Lender. To operate this service we receive commissions from the lender or broker we refer you to. To apply for a loan though our website you must be a UK resident.

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