Guarantor Loan Comparison partner with Talk Loans

One of the leading guarantor loan comparison websites,, has teamed up with Norwich based, no fee guarantor loan specialist, Talk Loans, to provide higher approval rates, and a simpler application process for their customers.

Founded in 2015, Talk Loans works with the majority of UK based guarantor lenders. Their unique offering ensures both customers and lenders save time and money, an exciting prospect for Guarantor Loan Comparison founder, Daniel Tannenbaum.

“This is a very exciting development for our company and the way it puts the customer first. Talk Loans are very experienced in the guarantor industry and have a great reputation with customers and lenders. We personally like the idea of customers given more information during the application process, rather than going to numerous lenders and taking longer than necessary.”

By working with Talk Loans, Guarantor Loan Comparison ensures great rates, high chances of approval and speedy service for their customers.

Talk Loans’ guarantor loans solution means making a single application and gaining access to over 90% of the available guarantor loan products (and growing). Once the customer has made their application, Talk Loans’ UK based call centre contact them and their prospective guarantor to talk them through each available option.

The complexities of each lender cannot be understated. Each lender has differing criteria, a lot of which are not easily identifiable until a full application is made. Talk Loans process avoids this problem completely. Their loan experts know the lenders like the back of their hands. If  the chosen lender can’t help, there is likely one that can, and the customer won’t have to make another full application just to find out.

By filtering customers to such an extent, and taking a full application themselves, Talk Loans remove the need for talking to the Customer Service Team of most lenders, and puts the customer straight in touch with the Completion Team to get everything finalised. A massive saving on resource for the lenders.

Rob Westbury, CEO of Talk Loans had this to say about the new partnership.

“We are delighted to be working closely with one of the leading comparison sites in the guarantor loan world. Delivering a market leading solution to customers who may have otherwise come away empty handed, or wasted a ton of time finding the right lender for their situation, really allows us to add value, not just to our partners and customers, but to the market as a whole.”